Inpatient Rehab in California, at Passages Malibuu

Passages Malibu; the luxury rehab center that makes use of the warm and beautiful environment of California along with the newest and best holistic treatment methods to aid you in recovering from your addiction with relaxation and tranquility. The first step begins with a magical view of the Pacific Ocean and the coastline, in your very own detox unit—and there are many other majestic scenes to be viewed across the 10 acres of the inpatient rehab center.

As can be seen by the fact that Passages Malibu was ranked as the “No. 1 Rehab Center in the World” by Healthcare Global, and voted to be one of the “Most Luxurious Places” for rehab treatments by Forbes, Passages Malibu is the ideal place for high-class clients with a taste for luxury and only the best facilities. To help you forget your dangerous habits, and instead replace them with healthier and more exciting new ones, we have fitness facilities, tennis courts, and even boating docks.

Not only will you have access to these sources of entertainment, but you will also be assigned a team of experts who will meticulously come up with a custom treatment that caters to your needs. You will be provided with a total of over 60 hours of face-to-face therapy sessions every single month, and you will not be forced to partake in any mortifying group therapy sessions. We have all sorts of experts—therapists, nurses, counselors—all patiently waiting to aid you in finding inner peace, tranquility, and happiness while becoming sober.

It does not matter how affected you are by your addiction—our specialist team can still help you to build yourself up again from scratch, psychologically, while physically healing you as well. Please contact as when you are ready to take a step towards your happiness.

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About Our Founders, Chris and Pax Prentiss

What most people do not know about Passages Malibu is that its creation is, in a way, a symbol of the powerful love between a father and son. When Pax’s father was told by his son that he suffered from alcohol, heroin and cocaine addiction, and the pair began a journey towards sobriety that would strengthen their bond even further. After all the conventional treatment methods were unsuccessful, Chris and Pax discovered the lesser-known holistic options that, in 2001, led them to found Passages Malibu.