The Origins of Passages Malibu

Pax Prentiss fought against an addiction to cocaine, heroin, and alcohol for a decade. He worked to conceal the problem from his loved ones so no one would discover how much he had lied, stolen and done people wrong. The situation deteriorated so much that when Pax finally admitted everything to Chris, his father, he no longer had any friends and could not even support himself.

At this stage, it was apparent to Pax that he was not in control of his addiction. The purpose of his life still seemed to be ingesting dangerous substances, but it was not enjoyable to him, and he truly wanted to put an end to it. In spite of his and Chris’s determination, the pair still had a long way to go.

At AA and similar 12 step programs, Pax came across harsh rules and regulations that did not aid him at all. They made him feel small and demeaned by calling him an “addict” with a “sickness.” Pack felt degraded and humiliated when he was called “sick.” While using these types of programs, Pax would become sober for a short amount of time, and then spiral down into a relapse due to the never-ending guilt.

Thankfully, Chris was always there to hear Pax out. After a lot of reflection, the father and son decided that Pax required something different from what the “normal” rehab centers offered. The only way by which Pax could heal himself from his addiction was by countering it with knowledge and peace instead of pessimism and humiliation. With this new way of thinking, they looked for information regarding alternative ways of treating addictions.

After a lot of careful research, the two gained a deeper understanding of what addictions involve. The father and son created a blend of aspects of both Eastern and Western ways of approaching addiction to form an entirely new form of modern holistic treatment that worked for every psychological and physical aspect of addiction. Pax could now understand the four major factors that lead to his addiction and eliminate them with nothing but natural medicines and a holistic philosophy.

Once Pax had healed himself of his addictions, he and Chris founded Passages Malibu in 2001 as a way of sharing his new holistic concepts with others. As every addiction is different, Passages Malibu made use of an approach that involves a custom method for each’s specific issues. There was no other California based rehab center like it. The unconventional but effective approach was a huge hit, and Passages Malibu has now helped thousands of clients recover from addictions, with lots more flocking to Malibu each year to receive the same help.

Passages Malibu helped Pax recover, and it can help you recover, too. Call us today to find out how Passages Malibu used a holistic healing philosophy to remove your addiction naturally.