The Unique Philosophy at Passages Malibu

Something that is missing in a lot of rehab centers is a set philosophy on which it runs—and this is what makes Passages Malibu the best at healing people from addictions. After seeing how conventional treatment centers were lacking regarding having a philosophy and the way they were treating their clients, Pax and Chris wanted to be different. When you choose Passages Malibu, you will be treated with nothing but compassion, understanding, and respect.

As you might have noticed, many conventional rehab centers have a degrading and demeaning attitude towards their clients without even knowing it. This issue stems from the very structure of the system, which focuses on pessimism, and labeling clients as “addicts” with a “sickness.”  It does not matter whether you are in a 12-step program or if you’re in the ER at a hospital, in the modern day, medical professionals have been trained to think of addiction sufferers as less than.

Here at Passages Malibu, we do not think of you as a sick invalid, and we don’t consider addiction as a disease to be cured. Instead, we consider it a trait that you harbor and that can be altered naturally. Passages Malibu focuses on using holistic treatments and healthful all-natural supplements to get you in your best condition, instead of loading you with dangerous alternative medication like most rehab centers.

The Four Major Triggers of Addiction

The factors that lead to an addiction are too intricate for it to be classified as a simple illness. Our team has been highly trained to deduce the root of your addiction so you can understand the hidden causes that have been leading to your substance abuse. When you have established these core reasons, you will be taught the methods and skills to block your desire to go back to those substances for good.

When you work to figure things out, you will see that one or more of the following reasons for addiction apply to you.