California’s Luxury Drug Rehab Center, Passages Malibu

The team at Passages Malibu understands that there are different ways by which addictions can occur. Some clients become addicted to illegal drugs before they can even think about how serious it is, and some clients become gradually addicted to prescription drugs even while taking exactly the prescribed amount. It does not matter what you are addicted to, or how it happened—Passages Malibu has the facilities and the compassionate professionals who can help you heal yourself from an addiction to:

  • Alcohol
  • Illegal Drugs
  • “Over-the-Counter” Drugs
  • Prescription Drugs

The Detox Process, Holistically

When you are first welcomed into Passages Malibu, a team of nurses will make use of professional diagnostic methods to figure out the details of your addiction, and then consider which holistic therapies are ideal for you. While you are naturally being purified, a team of addiction experts will be coming up with a custom treatment plan that is made with your particular strong and weak points in mind. Unlike what happens at other centers, you will be encouraged to keep up your contact with friends and family the entire time you are here.

On top of it all, we hold the belief that rehab should feel motivating, and never like you are being disciplined. You will be surrounded by complete peace, with nurses constantly making you feel relaxed and looked after as your body is purified of all harmful substances. Your custom program is made to get to the root causes of your dependency while addressing your physical addiction so that you will be psychologically and spiritually sober as well as physically.

Many rehab centers just prescribe more addictive and harmful medicines to take the place of your current addiction, but Passages Malibu fully heals you with a combination of organic and healthy supplements along with all-natural purifying therapy sessions. At Passages Malibu, you’re not replacing one addiction with another – all that’s happening here is optimistic conversations, skill-building techniques, and a full focus on holistic health. This is what we’ve been successfully going for, ever since 2001, and it is how we intendon helping you.